DVD and audio files



Hi all,
Although I’ve created DVD’s and burned many CD’s, there are a few things I would like to understand better.

  1. Is it correct that when you “burn” files (audio) to a DVD it is much the same as burning to a CD?

  2. Is it correct that when you “create” a DVD with a program such as Windows DVD maker, the videos are encoded and then written to the DVD using a certain format which allows a stand alone DVD player to read the disc and play the videos?

If my thinking is correct above, then my end game is if you create a DVD as in #2, are you able to include audio files in this process? Or can they only be burned as in #1.

Thanks for your help.



While there is a DVD-Audio format, support for it is pretty thin.

So you’d normally format an audio DVD as a “slide show” - some software has a straightforward option for making a DVD music disk.

Depending on the player, it may be capable of handling an MP3 DVD - just a data disk with MP3s on it.

The formats for “strict DVD Video” players either use the audio in a low bitrate video, or as part of the menu.


The DVD-V format allows stereo LPCM audio at up to 24/192 resolution with a still image.

Either DVD or CD can be created as ROM discs (UDF) which are just “data discs” with whatever files on them you wish to place. Playback will require a device that supports ROM (data) discs.

The limitation of the DVD-V format is bit rates, which are limited by the format itself. DVD-ROM discs (when so supported by the player) can be spun much faster and allow higher bit rates.