DVD Analysis Software - What's Best?

What’s the best software for analyzing DVD burn quality?
What’s the best software for finding PI/PO errors, jitter, etc.

  • Nero DVD Speed
  • K-probe

P.S. I don’t know what “best” means at this point:

  1. greatest number of features
  2. most reliable (least crashable)
  3. most ergonomic
  4. compatibility with greatest number of disks or burners
  5. compatibility with greatest number of Windows OS’s
  6. etc.

Thanks !

These programs all perform the same test and get the same info from the drive, so you can’t really compare on result accuracy.

KProbe is probably the least compatible because it only works with liteons, though it does generate nice graphs.

Nero CD/DVDSpeed has lots of features and wide compatibility with burners.

I haven’t used DVDINFOPro.

If you are using a liteon drive, the clear choice is KProbe. If you are using other drives that support PI/PO error scanning, I would probably go with Nero CD/DVDSpeed.