DVD Alpine Smart Map Pro `05



Hello, sorry but i am spanisch, my inglisch is very bat, sorry,
i have a original dvd gps Alpine Smart Map Pro `05 , but i would like a copi segurity of this disc, i dont not how, are of persons help my but whit program of how i put copy and ok copy, thank you . CARLOS

hola! Tengo el DVD navegador original NVD-T335 es la ultima version y como navegador tengo el INA-N333R, me gustaria hacer una copia de seguridad pero en mis 3 intentos he fracasado y me gustaria saber si alguien sabe como hacer una copia y que funcione, si alguien sabe como y me puede le estare eternamete agradecido, atentamente :


Buenas. Estoy buscando este programa por cualquier red ( EMULE o BT) ya que como tu quiero tener el programa, sin embargo yo quiero bajarlo de internet y si me convence me lo compro. Intenta buscarlo por internet y quizas lo encuentres porque hacer 1 copia de seguridad con ese disco es dificil.
Si quieres agregame al MSN y hablamos ( o mandame 1 correo).

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Hable solamente en ingles en el foro. Gracias.


btw, it really looks like a warez request (downloading from emule for “evaluation” :bigsmile:, then eventually buy it). :cop:

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I think the best way is to download DVD Decrypter (google it, you will find a mirror somwhere). Once you have it installed it, run it and read the disk off in ISO mode. To do this: Click Mode > ISO > Read. Once it has read off, burn the image you have just made by clicking Mode > ISO > Write. See below:

Good Luck!



Hello Carlos,

please share the file tourgh emule and i will try to burn it also… everybody is at

best regards
Bullseye10 -(Wesley)-


@ djgondirect and bullseye10

The only thing you need to do is Click Here , it has everything you need.


Has anyone got their DVD copy of Street Map to work in their car?


:doh: Its all about media and your Nav DVD drive.

I tried Ritec DuaL Layer DVD +R and I got CD error. ( £2 for a disc )

I just used a newly released product Verbatim Dual Layer DVD -R and its perfect, it recognizes the DVD as a Nav Disc. ( £4 for a disc, I had to order 5 in a box though )

My Alpine Sat Nav DVD drive only reads -R so the more common and cheaper +R format is no good.

Thats the solution, there is NO protection apart from the recent rarity of Dual Layer -R media.



I already broke 1 DVD+R double layer trying to burn it! Next time I’ll check before to start burning… but … 8€ lost!

So, basically: -R, double layer are mandatory! What about the format of the DVD ROM? shall it be Boot? UDF? or UDF/ISO???


has anyone had luck with making a backup of the Alpine Smart Map Pro???




anyone??? :sad:




Your question is answered earlier in this thread here.