DVD Admin problem

Hello I’m new to this sight and haven’t really had any experience with forums.
Nice to meet you all.

Here is the problem:
I purchased the Command & Conquer the first decade DVD and cannot run it without having Windows XP admin permission.
I have millenium edition and would like to run it on my computer without XP.
Is there a patch or DVD crack I can use to open this DVD without XP?
Sorry If I repeat myself.

Can’t you get administrative rights on your PC?

It is a XP upgrade or you can’t us it money making program.
I don’t want XP if I can help it.
I need a patch that let’s me use my DVD’s and CD without XP.
When they autorun they say I can’t install without administrator permission.
If you know your operating systems millenium edition and below do not have
this restriction.

Your massage is not clear if you are looking for admini right log out and log in back as admin if you are only trying to play your DVD then right click on DVD while DVD disc is in your Sony drive and say open with other programs(Nero Midia Player or RealOne or or any other).