DVD-A, SACD formats may knock out CDs

I just posted the article DVD-A, SACD formats may knock out CDs.

For now most people are satisfied with the quality of the current audio CD, but there are already follow up technologies available that should enhance your audio experience. With higher sampling…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4644-DVD-A-SACD-formats-may-knock-out-CDs.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4644-DVD-A-SACD-formats-may-knock-out-CDs.html)

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The big problem with say DVDA is that none of the current crop of recievers/amplifiers can take a 24bit/96khz digital signal. So if you want to experience it in all it’s glory you will need to A. Have a DVA capable DVD player. B. Have 5.1 seperate analog outputs and C. a reciever/amplifier that has 5.1 analog inputs. Kinda defeats the point going through analog IMO. Until there are recievers/amplifiers that can take a digital source at that high level of audio quality (Probably something like firewire), then it’s all a bit silly. Just my opinion of course. Also copy protections will be a little bit stronger on this type of media.

At Music Direct ( www.amusicdirect.com) there are plenty of 192khz equipped amps accepting digital signals. But you are right about what you say in the basic consumer market. The other thing is that flat panel electrostatic speakers are the only way toappreciate that hd audio qualityin my opinion, though most would disagree. they need to make speakers capable of handling 96,000 cycles per secod & down to 5 cycles per second to appreciate the full impact of 192khz sampling rate. BUT - DVD-A still rocks to my ears & Stone Temple Pilots in 5.1 surround sound is amazing.:slight_smile:

Ok, these 2 formats may sound really really awesome and all that stuff, but in reality… What is the point of this? How many joe average people out there would be bothered upgrading their whole sound system so they can listen to Britany Spears or Eminem or Metallica in kick arse quality? No one… and what is the point of uprading your hardware and then doing it on the cheap to save money? Another contradiction in terms. If i’m going to take my music seriously I would do it properly and buy proper decent audio equipment. To push this kind of thing onto the mass market, it is going to take some time for sure. I’m all for good quality, nice sounding music, but at the moment, I can’t warrant the upgrade of a new sound system at all. Personally, i think classical music lovers would get the most benefit from this type of new quality audio, other than that, its a waste.