DVD-A Chips Ahoy - also price drop of SACD players to come

I just posted the article DVD-A Chips Ahoy - also price drop of SACD players to come.

Wile there is the DVD format war between DVD plus and DVD minus, on the audio front there are also two competing formats; DVD audio and the Super Audio CD (SACD). While both format till now are…

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Dom - THANK YOU - It is about time my 3+ year home page is discussing my hope for music on disc. Golisten to both formats- I am almost positive that the DVD-A will knock your sox off. Soundblaster Audigy 2 now has a 192khz card that supports DVD-A. Yippee! I have been recording in the professional worldof audio for a while using 24bit-96khz sampling: IT ROCKS. SACD is nice, but that’s all it is: nice. The industry likes it because it contains 2 layers, an SACD layer & a backwards-compatible CD-A layer. HOWEVER, THEY R PUSHING SACD BECAUSE OF ITS COPY PROTECTION - ARRGGHH.

Note that DVD-Audio also have severe copy protection schemes implemented, much stronger than that of DVD-Video. I’d wonder if the four levels of watermarking in DVD-Audio will do anything to the audio. :frowning: http://www.audiorevolution.com/news/0800/09.dvdwatermark.shtml

DVD’s are funny. You have a movie that has video, sound, and all kinds of other copyrighted stuff and it has one form of encryption protection. But the audio CD’s just have audio. That’s all, nothing else, and they make it four times harder to crack. I think the Entertainment industry is a little confused.

I guess they learned from their (CSS) mistake.

:frowning: :frowning: The same garbage is coming for hi-def dvd and blu-ray. The MPAA decided to have a verance watermark added to both discs sometimetime after muslix64 broke into the AACS algorithm. The watermark is supposed to tell if you somehow recorded the movie stream onto a blank disc. Blank discs dont have AACS so the player reads the watermark with the video but sees that the blank disc has no AACS,treats it as an illegal copy, then stops playback. Yet more garbage.