Hey All,

I am at a loss right now. I am trying to copy a kid’s DVD for my daughter. It shows up as a DVD-9, and the size after dvd shrink is still to large to make a copy. What are the suggestions?

Eargely awaiting

Shrink it to 4.37 GB? That’s the purpose afterall - keep shrinking 'til there’s no red bar visible. You can always re-author which drops a lot of the unnecessary crap.

Can I use dvd shrink and shrink it again from the already shrunken file? Well I will try that one. Also, which S/W are you using to re-author?


Don’t shrink an already ‘shrinked’ file set. Just do it again. Still-picture everything except the main movie. Re-author is an option on the tool bar; it will open another window, to where you can drag the main movie.

Sorry to sound stupid here, but. Just the main movie? All else will follow! Well there is only one was to go and that’s to try it!