DVD-9 vs DVD-5

I continue to get burn errors around the 20% mark when writing with CloneDVD. I finally noticed that it says burning to DVD-9, when I only have a DVD-5 in the disk. I have looked for an option to choose to burn to DVD-5, but it must be set up to detect this on its own. How can I fix this, short of buying DVD-9’s?

the option is on the very first page (after selecting the initial copy mode)

it’s a drop down menu toward the bottom fo the screen.

this is all assuming you’re using the right CloneDVD2. the lastest version is

where does it say “burning to DVD-9”. Make sure you have the latest version of clonedvd.

1). on the second screen (“Title Configuration” screen) you have to make a selection (on the bottom, just to the left of where it says “quality”)

  1. with recent versions of clone dvd your options are DVD-5, DVD+r DL, minidvd, dvd-ram, and custom) SELECT DVD-5 to burn to standard single layer media.

As a side note, make sure you use Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim media. Also, I personally recommend setting up clonedvd to burn at the same speed that the media is rated. i.e. if you have 8x media, then select burn at 8x on the final selection page in clonedvd.