Dvd 9 - trouble connecting to the internet

I have troble connecting to the internet for dvd9. Sometimes 10 times.When it connects it works fine.I am using W7 & can connect to Dvd Fab & all other sites. Dvd8 works fine.

I haven’t updated to version 9 . It might be a firewall or antivirus problem . You need to allow permission for the connection.

I probably won’t update to version 9 unless I’m forced to. The license check every time I use DVDFab is a bit too much for me. I wonder what other information DVDFab probes for while it is doing the license check.

For right now DVDFab v8 is fully updating so I will use it.

What bothers me is that it does connect but infrequently so that cant be permissions. All web sites work fine including DVD Fab.

Your probably right about that. Maybe the DVDFab servers doing the checking can’t handle the load of all the DVDFab v9 being used & having to check each one.

Alan1476 says in another thread that he had difficulties with the firewall settings for this version and had to adjust them, so perhaps that’s what’s wrong.