DVD-9 tot DVD-5 with CCE, a simple way?

Recently I read about some program that worked like a DVD transcoding program, but it could make use of an external encoder (CCE) (so no transcoding, but re-encoding).

Does anybody know what program I’m talking about? I can’t seem to remember it and I don’t have the time to do it all manually :slight_smile:

Well, thanx in advance!

Could it be DVDRebuilder?

No it wasn’t… it was even more simpler than that!

BTW I hate DVD-RB… this program keeps giving me strange errors (buffer overflows). Buggy piece of software (quite a shame, as it does exactly what I want… except for the bugs).

Well it IS beta so wait for 1.0 if you don’t feel like beta testing. You might be thinking of DVD2DVD-R which is the movie only program and not beta.


No it wasn’t DVD2DVD-R…

I’m okay with beta testing, but I’m quite sure there is another program that should be able to do this perfectly.

I believe it was commercial btw…

afaik, there are no commercial solutions that use CCE to reencode. the frontends that i can think of off the top of my head that use CCE are dvd rebuilder, dvd2svcd, dvd2dvd-r, dvdreasy, and the Big 3 method.

Are you talking about DVDREasy (http://pwp.netcabo.pt/dvdreasy/what.htm) ?

by the way DVD-RB rules. :bow:

DVDREasy would have to be the simplest piece of software to use. Does Main movie only with 1 audio track and up to 1 subtitle track. Currently uses CCE ver 2.50 only.

Yes I know that… I own CCE 2.50 and I know the program… and it’s great!

Just one problem: this time I need to copy a full disc with everything on it. As it’s about 8Gb big it will not work on a DVD-5 on a descent quality when transcoding. That’s why I want to re-encode the complete disc…

The only software that uses CCE for encoding and does the whole DVD, as far as I know is DVD ReBuilder. The Big 3 is way to complicated and all the others just does main movie only.

The latest ReBuilder is now 0.53a, a lot of bugs have been fixed from its early days. Its worked everytime I used it. Worth a re-try.

Just upgraded my DVD-RB but the problem persists. I’ll be trying another DVD tonight to see if there’s a problem with this certain DVD.

This DVD (new Rammstein DVD: Lichtspielhaus) “works” perfectly with DVD2ONE and DVDShrink… and no I don’t have any stability issues with my system :wink:

the Big 3 seems intimidating at first, but once you follow the guide one time through, it’s practically automatic after that, and isn’t hard at all. you might want to give it a try if you really need to back up an entire dvd and are having problems with dvd-rb.

@Dee-ehn: Is your MPEG2Dec3.dll too new? I don’t know what version of MPEG2Dec3.dll you are using with DVD Rebuilder. I had troubles with DVD Rebuilder until I downgraded to version v1.00. It’s just a thought.

DVD-RB wont work with dvd’s with multiple angles so dont judge it on one only DVD. Maybe I’ve been luck but then I tend to prefer main movie only as that will always give best picture quality. I only use RB when there are very few mb’s of extras.

Although the DVD I tried to do is no multi-angle disc, two other discs worked fine. I guess it’s just a problem with this disc, rather than the program…

Anyhow, I’ll be trying the b3 method tonight… I’ll keep you updated!