Dvd-9 to dvd-r? is this possible?

anyone know if i can copy dvd-9 stuff to a dvd-r etc…it costs a fortune for dual layer diskd + was wondering if there’s a way around it… can you shrink it with dvdshrink then put on a 4.7gb disk??? cheers

Yes. You can use a compression program like dvd shrink(free), or clone dvd2 to take a dvd 9 down to a dvd-+r. If the movie is copy protected you will need a program like Anydvd to break the encryption schemes.

As you now already know, there are many many programs that allow you to compress dvd9 to dvd5. But you’d better also check pricing on dl discs, as you can buy them as cheaply as $1 US per disc (http://tinyurl.com/kzrt7). Is that really “a fortune” when you consider what your original disc costs you want to backup?

you can backup most movies to a dvd-5 with very good quality if you skip the extras. Just burn the main movie, some shorter movies require no compression… if you can’t afford AnyDVD and CloneDVD, which I highly reocommend, try Ripit4me, it has links to DVDDecryptor and Shrink to download. It takes an hour or so to rip and burn but works well.

Um DL disc cost about $4 each if your lucky here in Australia. I just bought 20x Vertbatim DL Disc for about $80…and that price is pretty damn good considering the crappy qualtiy they have in store.

Yes. I use Taiyo Yuden DVD-Rs and have never had a bad burn. I rip all movies with the combo of AnyDVD/DVD Decryptor.

If you want to keep menus (as I usually do), use CloneDVD2. If you want just the movie, use DVDShrink. There are tutorials for each on this site.

As for DVD+R DL vs DVD-R: I used to use Verbatim DVD+R DLs (I have a modified Canon Pixma iP6600d that allows me to print labels on white inkjet DVD media), but to be quite honest, I cannot visually tell a difference between DVD+R DL and DVD-R when I made full backups of my Season One set of House M.D. and other movies 8 gigs in size. CloneDVD2 always would say the quality of the burn would be less than 50%, but side by side, visually by my eye on my 36" Sony TV, I can’t tell the difference between House MD Disc 1 made with the Verbatim DVD+R DL or the House MD Disc 1 made with the Taiyo Yuden DVD-R. The quality of both are excellent. So, I’m no longer using dual layers for burns. (I use a Plextor 740 converted to BenQ burner).

Hope that helps…

You can alway burn to 2 discs without compression or video loss with CloneDVD. I do with long movies or if there are extras that I want but not sure if I like the movie enough to use a DL disc.