DVD-9 to DVD-9 backup

I maybe wrong, but I dont think it is possible to create a backup to a dual layer (DVD-9) disk using CloneDVD. Is there a way around this, do I have to use another software, are there anyy plans to bring this functionality into CloneDVD?

On the 2nd screen “Title Configuration”, look down at the bottom… change the “DVD-5” quality setting to “DVD +/- R DL”. Now you can copy a DL original to a DL disc.

Yes and no. Functionally, CloneDVD let’s you select either DVD-5 or DVD-9. But it doesn’t do very well in handling the layer break of a DL – playback on standalone players usually results with skips or (even worse) freezes.

The best and easiest solution I’ve found for backing up dual layer movies to DVD-9 is CloneCD. Other methods require using multiple programs that let you manually select the layer break. For me, CloneCD has performed flawlessy with dual layer backups.

I agree with Bobverens.

maybe its just luck… as ive burnt quiet a few DLs using AnyDVD/CloneDVD
& they all work perfectly, never seen any skipping or freezes, infact not even noticed the break while watching & they been tested on a few different players…

perhaps its related to the quality of the media.