Dvd 9 to 2 dvd 5's

I was just thinking, some people say they would like to see a feature on clonedvd2 to backup dvd 9’s onto 2 disks. I was thinking (however havent tried it yet) wouldnt it be possable to split the movie by chapters, preserving original menus, and still be able to watch the movie by just selecting the play movie title?

Um, CloneDVD does this already. Select Help, and then Using the Application and look for the section on splitting for more information. It’s not the most obvious feature of CloneDVD, but, it works well according to people who use it. I hate splitting discs personally, so, I have not used this functionality.

:doh: i didnt realise it was a feature… silly me

It’s kuel. Like I said, it’s not the most OBVIOUS thing they ever implemented, but, it is a pretty nice feature to have. I’ve read comments by people who use it a lot that they seem to love it, so, apparently once you figure out how to do it you’re golden.

Yes, this feature works very well. I have found that sometimes it even changes the menu screen a bit on disk 2, which I thought was pretty cool.
Scene selection on disk 2 will show all chapters, even though they are not actually present on the disk. This presents no problem, as choosing a chapter on disk 2 that has actually been written to the first disk, opens the first available chapter on disk 2.
And of course, simply hitting play gives the same result.

It’s one of the most attractive features of Clonedvd, I reckon. I use it both to take backups of longer movies to maintain original quality (in Main Title Only mode), and to split TV Boxed sets (this time copying the menu).