DVD-9 ripped to custom dvd5 bigger than should be



I am trying to backup a legal tvshow disc that I own as a test. I open dvdfab and choose the custom option. I removed all the alternate languages and preserved the menu. I tried first with vobs and it made over 6gb of vobs. I than tried saving to iso and its 5.8gb. It will not fit to a 4.7gb disc.

What is causing this and does anyone know how to fix it?


How many episodes are on the disc and how long are they? If it has 4 episodes of a 1 hour show (45 minutes without commercials), the individual episodes are typically 1.5-1.7 GB each, X4=6-6.8 GB for all 4. Look at the original using explorer and see how many 1 GB VOBs there are. Also, the menus on some TV discs are huge, try turning them off in Customize. I suspect your original is a DVD9, but you can make it fit on a DVD5 with compression.


It is the Sopranos Season 2 - Disc 4. It is dvd-9 and I chose dvd5 quality. There are 3 full episodes on the disc. There seems to be 6 0.99gb vobs and one 427mb.

CloneDVD2 I know is able to compress it just fine. I wanted to give another app a try though because clonedvd can sometimes be slow. I would like to keep the menus. If DVDfab platinum can’t compress to under 4.37gb than I guess I will have to stick with clonedvd from slysoft.



There is no reason DVDFab shouldn’t be able to do what you want, but you will first have to reset the default DVD5 size in common settings from 4300 to 4474 MB. You should wind up with 60-65% Quality.