DVD - 9 Media



Do blank 9GIG DVD exist for burning purposes?


yes… they are called dl disks that stand for double layer


However, though they’re called Dvd-9 discs, they really only hold 8.5gb. [No surprise there since a Dvd-5 only holds 4.3gb.]


Damn I was going to say that. Though your end bit is a suprise to a lot of people, they think that a DVD-/+R is actually 4.7Gb, don’t frget we have actually threads about that here phil.


… then why does it say 4.7gb on the disk?


Numbers. They tend to round them down a Gb is rounded off to 1000,000,000 bits (1000x1000x1000), the discrepency is caused because the actual number is 1024 therefore a Gb is actually 1073,741,824 bits. The same rule applies to hdd say you buy a 250Gb drive what you are actually getting is 232.8Gb a discrepancy of 17.2 Gb. The higher up the scale you go the larger the discrepancy becomes.


Just curious, why do the DVD-9 cost so much more money (demand I am assuming)? Can a DVD-9 fit a full movie without any compression? My DVD burner says, “Dual Layer” can it burn these type of DVDs?



This means that on a DL you can record 7.91 GB max. ?

Unless you overwrite it…



Supply and demand. DL discs are still a relatively new media/technology within a relatively new area for home users. Not everyone is producing them. As time goes by the price should drop as they have on other media.

Yes your burner can burn those discs.


The answer to this question is yes.

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Thanks everyone for their replies!

I appreciate it!


Sorry 1 more question.

If I would like to backup a movie. Do I need to use DVD shrink even if I have a dual layer DVD? Can I just rip and reburn on new blank DL DVD?


Just try it, it depends on the SOURCE.