DVD 9 Gb

I use a LG GSA-4163B and works fine. Today I tried to burn a DVD of 9 Gb (trying to copy a DVD) and the driver does not recognise the DVD. It can’t read it.
Is it a problem of drivers or simply this DVD RW does not read these “extended play” DVDs?
I should appreciate SIMPLE answers. I’m no tecnician!!! :slight_smile:

Update the latest firmware.

Hello Whippo and welcome to the forum.

The LG GSA-4163B can read and write to DVD+R DL (double layer) discs. These are the kind of discs that hold up to 9.4GB of space and probably what you used.

A few more details will help :[ul]
[li]which drive could not read the discs? The 4163B or some other drive?
[/li][li]what brand/speed of discs did you use?
[/li][li]what version of firmware does your writer currently have? (check with Nero Infotool - it should be something like A10x)
[/li][li]what software did you use to burn those discs?

Hi Karangguni!
The software is OK and the hardware is OK also. The human in front of the machine is stupid. I used DVD-RW DL discs and the driver only reads DVD+RW DL discs…
With these DVDs I could burn 8 Gb without problems.

Errr… I think you mean DVD+R DL discs not DVD+RW DL discs. You are correct that the 4163B only supports DVD+R DL discs and not DVD-R DL ones. However, it is just as well because DVD-R DL discs have compatibility problems with many DVD players, so even if the drive could write to those, you would probably have had more problems playing them back.

Btw, there actually IS such a thing as DVD+RW DL (double layered rewritable) but no drive supports it yet.

Anyway, just glad you managed to find the source of the problem :slight_smile:

Edit : fixed dumb typo - thanks Michael