Dvd 880



was going to update the dvd but its saying rong disk

or now it says file empty

BASE_SYS_20021125_FF12f this means nothing to me hope you can help

as ever sc00terx


Presumably you are trying to update the firmware?

Any particular reason why, and what is the history of your machine?


well its been just stoping when recording or playing say 20-40mins into the dvd and also its from 2002 so was hopeing that the update would help i have 2 one is a 890 thats been fine so far but does not like X4 dvd+rw`s or above hmm


Have you done a full factory reset (switch off, pull out power lead, and reconnect with power button held in)?

What does the display show when the recording stops? Are you getting “No disc” errors?

What type of discs are you using (+R or +RW), and what is the brand name or media code? Are you burning the discs on the PC writers listed in your signature?


hi i did the reset like you put and i have also updated the software the dvd`s i am useing are Philips 1-2.4x DVD.RW and i have some Philips 4x DVD.RW i am useing the plextor px-716a and it works fine so far need to do more testing on a full dvd on the philips 880 but it looks good

as ever sc00terx