DVD 623/051 - Blocked message when trying to open tray

I have a philips dvd 623/051, UK model. It’s been fine for years but now have a dvd stuck in there and getting the message Blocked when trying to open the tray.

I have read through the other post on this forum, there doesn’t appear to be a manual tray release on this model and as it’s a dvd player only there is no record button to hold in with the eject button to force an electronic release.

It’s out of warranty. Any suggestions?

Sounds like its in TRADE MODE. If you can get it to displayREADING(Power OFF/ON), then try "PLAY 259 PLAY". This will only work if the front panel display is showingREADING. If this wont work, youll have to remove the disc manually, then do the above again.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try

Thanks for the suggestion, i’ve tried a few times to use the Play 259 Play combination however it’s not working for me.

I’ve removed the cover of the unit and can see no way to make it manually release the disc, the tray is on a platform above a pcb so there is no “manual release switch” available below and on the front of the unit the digital display is immediately below the tray and no openings around there either. The disc is held in place by a cross plate with a magnet above and i can’t see a way to get it out without damaging either the unit or the disc (and most likely both).

It was worth a try, I just thought I’d give an update.

Removing a stuck disc, from the Service Manual.

thank´´s have used this tipp for my dvd 623 player - have had the same problem…

now im happy



Thanks for this - solved my problem too