Dvd 5¼ size power drain?



Well, not sure where this topic would fit better so I hope this is the right place.

I was just wondering if any of you guys know how much power requires a dvd burner to work propertly (in watts). I just wanted to build a small htpc with a mini-itx board, a notebook hdd I got previously and a normal size (5¼") dvd burner. Yes, I know there are notebook’s burners, but they’re way too expensive.

As a final note, I wouldn’t use the dvd burner at full gear. Beeing able to burn dvds at 4x and cds at 24x or so would be enough. Reading would also be as lowest (and noise less) as possible.

I hope you can give me some numbers with those values, or at least which is the maximum drain at full gear (burning, reading, booting…).

Thanks in advance!