Dvd 43

Hi , I am new to any kind of forum like this and i hope you can all bear with me. I have dvd xcopy platinum and i have started backing up my movies. I just recieved utlraviolet as a gift and when i went to bakc it up, it stopped 20 % in. I tried it twice and the same thing happened. I looked on different sites saw that dvd 43 should fix this problem in conjusction with nero. I saw somebody said that they had the same problem with the same movie and stopiing in the same place. So I downloaded dvd43 and I have tried it three more times with nero and I can’t get it to work. This is frustrating because I am not any kind of computer expert but I don’t usually run into things I can’t handle. To me it’s not about the backup anymore. It’s just about obtaining the knowledge and being able to use it. Any feedback would greatly be appreciated.

Just use search, it were discussed already in the newbie forum.

Nero is not the best program to use and even if you tried it 100 more times it still might not work.

Don’t get frustrated! It’s not good for you. Try and relax! Go for a walk or do a bit of fishing. You can always do like most people and look after your original and you won’t need a backup.

Have a look at this thread: