DVD 43 Free



I just wondered if any member uses dvd 43 Free, I have been using it with my 1 Click DVD Copy as it was recommended to me by a friend.

It works for me, however being a Noob to all of this I thought that I would ask if there is another suggested program.

I really like the 1 Click DVD Copy, as a beginner it does the job for me.

It is the other program that I am wondering about. Whether it uses the best method to accomplish the end result or whether there is another one that members recommend because of the way the application works.



DVD43free is the best free decrypting/region changing software. It can decryot the latest ArcoSS protected DVD’s.

There is Remote Selector which is also free but not as good as DVD43free.

http://www.remoteselector.com/ .

There is Slysoft AnyDVD and DVD Region Free but they are commerical. I prefer AnyDVD out of the two. AnyDVD can also do some things DVD43free can’t.




Just thought that I would ask if Any DVD that was recommended earlier has any problems with sp2??

Any member know.

DVD 43 Free is not problematic for me so I thought I should ask about the program that was suggested as an alternate.

I read about the program and also wanted to know if it is more stable than dvd 43 Free???



I haven’t even upgraded AnyDVD for a while (no need for it yet), and it’s working just fine on XP SP2. And it is one of the most stable things on my PC.


Newest version of Dvddecrypter (free) takes care of the new copy-protection and is an excellent ripping tool.