DVD 3460H - Not Supported Disc Type




Bought 3460H a few days ago, it was working just fine, yesterday it suddenly stopped playing (and burning, too) dvds - it doesn’t seem to recognise dvd originals, backups, different types of blanks - not dvd+/-r(w). All it does is a prompt on tv screen:

Not supported disc type

Everything else seem to be working fine, hdd, tuner, usb, plus it normally reads and plays audio cds and cd+/-r(w).

F1 any1.

Thanks in advance.

ps: I have upgraded to R19.17, the official Philips fw upgrade - to no avail.


I have got the same problem - how you fixed it ?


Could be a DVD media type that the firmware can’t recognise. Have you recently bought a new batch and changed disc manufacturer?

Otherwise it could be a more serious problem of a faulty DVD laser. There is a different laser for reading CDs, and the rest of the machine appears to be working OK?

Only people that can fix it under warranty are Philips themselves, so if it isn’t the discs then you’ll have to contact them.