Dvd 300n won't read

Hi a brand-newbie here, be gentle.

My DVD burner, a 300n, won’t read DVD +R any longer. I downloaded and installed the latest firmware from HP, and ran a DVD cleaner program three times. When I try PC Dr diagnostic software, it reads commercial DVD’s and CD’s fine, but wants me to only insert a +RW DVD, and doesn’t even see a plain +R. Just ejects the tray and asks for the +RW again.

Have you seen this and is there any fix?

CJ Rodkey

Also, we bought a Samsung DVD recorder for off the air TV recording.
It produces file type VRO, which isnt’ seen by the DVD either…the Samsung takes -R dvd’s. My wife’s machine reads them fine, so I know they’re on hte disks…although I can’t copy them to the computer…get error message every time.

Lots of questions. Thanks