Dvd 300c

Hi all,

I am having an issue with my HP DVD 300c drive (I am told that it is actually a Phillips dvd4301/44 drive).

I burned a few cd’s Monday morning then the following morning I could not. It does not recognize and media that is placed in the drive. The OS still sees the drive and reports it as operating normally. Blindwrite and RecordNow! also see the drive fine. But the drive does not recognize blank cdr, or blank dvd’s, or regular audio cd’s, or regular dvd’s.

I have flashed the drive to the latest firmware that HP has (Feb 2004), I have removed the drive from Device Manager and rebooted - Windows recognized the drive and reinstalled the drivers. I have removed Blindwrite thinking that the Patin Couffin layer was giving me a problem. Nothing yet.

OS is Windows XP SP1

Nothing was installed on the machine on Monday so I don’t think that there would be a software conflict. There are no conflicts reported in the device manager.

Anything else that people can suggest?


i had that problem and know exactly how to fix it you need to set the hp drive as a slave and install some software hp does not provide anyone that sees this and needs help should email me