Dvd 300c doesnt read blank cd-r

hi all,
i’m new here, so i’m not sure if this is the right forum for this problem, but i hope some of you might help…i’m rather desperate!

i hear the hp dvd 300c is actually a philips drive.
i’ve been using it with no problem for a few months, OS is WinXP Home and burning sw is Nero 6. Then recently it happened occasionally that some of the blank cd-r were not recognized, i got an error message as if the drive was empty. At first i thought it was a media problem as the error wasnt happening with all media, but now its a regular error, changing media doesnt help at all. Regular cds and burned cd’s are recognized correctly by the pc, also blank dvd’s and burned dvd’s. The problem is ONLY with blank cd-r.
the only thing i tried so far was to uninstall and reinstall Nero 6, but to no avail.
i hope someone can help me… :confused:

I have the same issue with a BenQ DW800A :sad:
He recocnizes empty DVD+Rs and multisession CD-Rs but no empty CD-Rs.
There is also a problem with erasing CD-RWs.


hey i had a dvd 300c, i had the same problems everyone has seen to be having i was puzzled by this for monthes finnaly i obtained a hp dvd300i driver disc i installed this after that it said no hp drive detected so i hit “ignor errors and continue” after that i went to device manager uninstalled the device and rebooted the system, this made it work. hp will not provide the correct software on the site so if u need it contact me


  • Joey Kubena