Dvd 166 only 3 speed?


I’m new here…
Hope to get an answer.

testing my dvd 166s with dvdspeed. (www.cdspeed2000.com)
It apears to be very slow.

At start of the dvd got 3.3 speed.
Max speed at the end of the dvd it was 5.2 speed.

very slow for a 16 speed drive.
I’m running with win98se.
It is on pri ide slave.
dma is on.


what kinda media are you using to run the test? pressed data, or cdr? pressed media usually give you better speed. Also, use drive speed to check what speed your drive’s at. Did you flash the f/w by any chance?

Your not going to see any faster transfer rates unless you configure your DVD drvie as the master drive instead of the slave. Even if it is listed as DMA enabled, the master device will be the only one with DMA, the slave will be PIO. I’ve run it both ways, so trust me on this one.

If you can, run your hard drive(s) off of a RAID controller and put each of your optical drives on a seperate IDE channel. That way you will have DMA for each device and you will se the transfer rates your looking for.

thanks for the helping allready.

I have tested it with dvd’s “lord of the rings”, “notting hill” and
The speed with cdr’s is normal. (48 speed).
The dvd is not flashed.

Regarding the position…

I have no raid controller.

So what is the setup in my system ?

One 20gb Harddisk
One lite-on ltd-166s
One Lite-on 48x12x48x


Putting a drive on slave doesn’t mean windows will slap it to PIO. It would be a jumper problem. Unlike a lot of users, I don’t refer setting jumper to cable select. If your device’s on the middle of a two device cable, make the jumper slave. If it’s on the end, make the jumper master. It ain’t rocket science.

What’s your current configuration for the three drives? HDD on IDE1 master, DVD on IDE1 slave, and CDRW on IDE2 master?

BTW, which motherboard are you using? Might want to run the VIA 4n1 v4.43 if you having. It speeds the IDE transfer rate up.

My ide settings are exactly what you said.

But… My dvd is at the end of the cable as slave…
Hard disk is in the middle as master.
Could that be it ? (they are both not on cable select.)

The via 4in1 drivers are installed

re. the type of Motherboard :
I am on the job now. So that’s a bit difficult.
It’s a “Network” Motherboard/pc,
And I think that they don’t manufacter any
so the real brand/type I will have to find out later.


If you are using dual-layer DVD discs (as most movie DVDs are) you will NOT get maximum read speed. Those read speeds sound about right for a dual-layer disc. To get the full 16X read speed, you have to use a single-layer disc.