DVD 1620 does not read DVD-R



Has anyone come across a strange problem

1620 with B7T9 firmware. DVD-R writes properly but not able to read the data written by itself.

Please advise if anyone has come across this issue , i have tried TDK DVD-R / PRINCO DVD-R.
The starnge part is DVD+R writes and read properly and also CD-R is fine.


I’m starting to wonder whether or not that firmware is fucking up the OEM drives. I forced flashed my OEM to the B7T9, and it will not erase or write properly to my old Verbatim CDRWs (which my old plextor did fine about a month ago). It tried to write, nero lied to me and said it was a success, but the system locks when I try to read. Also had some problems burning a few ISOs… I hope this drive delivers on DVD burning, cause the CD burning thus far is atrocious.


There are a number of post in this forum dealing with CDs not working properly with the B7T9 firmware. Everyone that went back to B7P9 stated the problems went away after the re-flash.


Someone i know had this issue too with the 1620. Would write to a dvd r but didnt even recognize the disc after it was ejected and drive closed again. Would read fine on other drives though. Happened with more than 1 fw revision.


When you say that the CD burning “is atrocious”, are you referring to CD-R media, CD-RW media, or both? Also, which type/brand of CD-R and/or CD-RW media is your drive having problems with?