DVD:16 error, failed to write

Just started having trouble with this error. It started when I updated to DVDplatinum 2976. Tried going back to 2975 still no good.Tried all the usual fixes after having read the forum info on DVD:16 error. No improvement. One thing that I have found out is the program does decrypt to the HD and if I use gold it will finalize. But not when I use DVDfab express platinum. Does anyone have any ideas?

I have used in Express mode to copy a Harry Potter movie and Jar Head. I put DVD in drive, chose copy main movie only, format. audio track, and sub titles, click start, go to my other computer and wait until I hear a beep, go back, change disc, when light on drive quits blinking, I click OK, go back to other computer, DVD finishes and tray opens. Disc plays well and I use TY DVD-R DVDs that cost about $.25 each.


I finally found the problem. It was a little unusual to say the least. The programs are now working fine. ‘Thanks for the reply’. :slight_smile:

And the problem was…?

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I have already tried all the items you have suggested. The last thing I did
was to examine the DVDFabExpress burn log. Saw that it pointed to the CD
drive at start.I have a DVD burner and a CD burner.Checked the setup and the
program showed that it was indicating the DVD drive as source and target,
reselected it a couple of times with no success. Just on a hunch I checked
DVDFabGold to see how it was set up and noticed that the temp file folder
was set to DVDFabDecrypter temp. I set it to DVDFabPlatinum Temp. The same
temp file that DVDFabExpress was set and everything started working OK. I’m
not absolutely sure if that was the fix. But it was a little unusual that
everything started working right after I did it. I’m not sure how the
programs tie together but I thought you should know that everything is now

Thanking you for the prompt and helpful reply. I think you have a great
product. Keep up the good work.

I to am having the DVD 16 error. I have even bought patches to fix problems in software and have no luck still. What is the error and How do I fix it.??? Please someone help!!!

I think error 16 is a Nero error, sorry I don’t use that program but I remember awhile back several people were getting this error, use the search function and you can find the threads on this and maybe the fix

my error 16 always comes up and fails to write when I use a DVD-R disc. It will not finalise and write to it, but when I use a DVD-RW disc it finishes fine. Can anyone help with my DVD fab express problem. It is very frustrating.

Fails to write is caused most of the time by the brand of media you are using as some burners and players are very picky about the brand of media. I would try another brand and see what happens

Thanx for your reply. My media is Sony DVD-R.
I dont understand why it writes on DVD-RW discs and it wont write on these. It did for one or two now it has stopped and comes up with the error 116. I have uninstalled the program and reinstalled, I dont know what to do.

Try selecting SAO instead of Packet Writing in Common Settings->Write.