DVD 112D cant see CD-R

Hi all, new to the group here.
I use Win2000 pro with all updates and SP4.
I am using a Pioneer 112D DVD burner.
Burns DVD any brand not a problem.
Problem is no matter what CD I put in to burn it will not recognize it.
I have tried many types of CD-R and it just will not see any of them.
I have installed the latest firmware and it is still the same.
So I was forced to buy a LiteOn CD burner, that of course see`s all CD-R discs that I put it the drive and works well.
I was told when I bought the Pioneer 112D that it would indeed read and burn CD-R discs.

When I first put the Pioneer onto my system I would not work no matter unless I made it Master on the secondary.
But all the same it still will not read any CD-R disc.

Any help please