DVD 1016 Drive - Dysan CDRW media wont work

Stupid question, but i have 3 CDRW discs which dont work at all with my DVD drive. it cant even read them, despite the discs been fine and working in my other DVD rom.

Before you say buy some supported CDRW i was wondering how does someone go about letting the support people know this so as maybe they could add suport in the next firmware update?

And yes i have the latest firmware update.

Dear irishbloke

Do you mean that DRW1016IM can’t read your CD-RW disc or can’t write them?

both, its the media, its an unknown brand called “Dysan”. the drive works fine but it just canr read that make of disc.

My BTC 1016 can’t write to TDK [really CMC Magnetics] high speed CDRW media. It “seems” to but then you can’t read the files it wrote back from the disc. It can write to other 4x CDRW media I have fine. Those are the only high speed CDRW media I own since they work fine in my BenQ 1620 drive.

I hope this helps.

C ya,

Dear SirZoltan:

Could you post the ATIP code of your high speed CDRW media ? (You can see the ATIP code in the disc infomation of CD/DVD speed.).

Manufacturer: CMC Magnetics
Code: 97m26s65f

Anything else you need, just let me know. :wink:

C ya,