DVD 101, DL to Folder, Burn to DVD, how do I make a DVD to Play in My DVD Player?



I download a movie, then what? I tried to burn it to DVD but it will only play on my computer, not the DVD player I use for normal DVD’s on my TV. Does it have to be burned from a certain folder like VTS_? Do I need an audio folder too? Does it have to have a certain file extension? :a aaAAhhHHHH !!! Iv been at this for a week now, at this point I’m ready to eat the gun barrel!


assuming you are not downloading avi files, use nero to create “dvd-video files”, “add” all files in the “video_ts” folder, then burn…

you may also have a media compatability issue. what type of dvd media are you using? are you familiar with bitsetting? post media code of your discs (google for dvd identifier)…


Ok spryfly,
I appreciate the assist. Now I read somewhere that I have to place a folder in my C:\ called Video_ts (or is it ok to burn it from anywhere that has that folder?). then once I place the video files in that folder and copy that folder to the DVD, that will create a DVD that will play in my home DVD player, correct? Now the Movies I am downloading have different file extensions like VTS_01_0 or dvr r00, is there one in particular I would prefer over another? I mean, I understand AVI and screeners are bad, I just want quality DVD not the cheap stuff. Can I transfer “any” file extension to that folder and it will play on the DVD player? Any info you have that would steer me away from timely mistakes would be nice.


I mean this in a nice way…I don’t think that you don’t know enough for me to be able to help you with a few simple sentences. Instead I am going to provide you with some links that will explain everything you need to know…if you are willing to do the reading…


Sorry, but this is the best I can do for you for now…best of luck :slight_smile: