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I know that there is a program called DVD X Copy, to copy DVD 1:1, And i would like to try it, but does any one a´have a copy. ?:bow:

You can order it here:


Originally posted by HanSolo
I know that there is a program called DVD X Copy, to copy DVD 1:1, And i would like to try it, but does any one a´have a copy. ?:bow:

Funny, but thanks ! i did know that

That software looks very shady to me. I quote off their site:

“Every backup copy you make with DVDXCOPY is EXACTLY like the original. Nothing is compressed or left off the disc.”

How can they do this if it’s a dual layered dvd that usually is 7.83gb on a 4.7gb disc? It’s impossible to do without re-encoding the video which can take some time depending on the computer speed. If you want to backup non-dual layered dvds, get dvddecryptor and use the iso function to make an iso file of the dvd. It can even burn the iso file it created for you for a perfect copy. Of course, if the dvd is greater than 4.37gb, it will not fit on any blank dvd without some editing. I suggest you check out www.doom9.org if you haven’t already.

Movies that are single disc with features on them can be ripped out of the DVD and thrown directly onto a DVD-R

If it was a multilingual film (i.e had multiple dolby tracks) you could remove them during the rip to fit it onto the DVD-R.
You do this with the program called Smartripper


An example of a movie could be the first Austin Powers.
This program will tell you how much the movie will take up so hopefully you will be in luck in that it fits (Also depends on run length of the film)


$80 online order.

BUT HAS ANYONE USED IT,AND IF SO,DOES IT WORK??? Excuse the capitalization,but everywhere I look,people are saying
buy it,buy it,buy it. I’ll buy it if I know for SURE,that it works. Kenshin,you are new,but you always seem to know what you’re saying. That said,can you test this,and let us all know. I got a spanking new SONY DRU-500A,and it’s getting expensive getting coasters. While the price has gone down,($3.00 US) for DVD-R,
I wanna get movies not coasters,so PLEASE,Kenshin,test this and let us know. I think your already good reputation will climb even higher with this project…Thanks…

Ruffrob :

Yes it does work, I have been 1 of a 100 people beta testing this program for 321 Studios. With the current (Beta) version, I have had 100% success rate, with both NTSC & PAL dvd-9’s are split on to 2 Disk, (some 15 films in all) takes a long time to watch them all to make sure they are perfect.

Gone in 60 Seconds (1974) NTSC *
JunkMan NTSC *x
Driven NTSC *
Tomb Raider NTSC *x
GodZilla NTSC *
Con Air NTSC x
Wag The Dog NTSC x

Panic Room PAL *
Blade Two PAL *
We Were Soldiers Pal *
The Lover’s Guide 1 Pal x
The Lover’s Guide 3 Pal x
The Lover’s Guide 5 Pal x
The Office (BBC) Pal x
BlackHawk Down Pal *

  • = 2 Disk Req.
    X = 1 Disk Req.
    *x= 2 Disk Req. Atual Film fitted on to 1 Disk

With all the extra’s put on to the second Disk, But bear in mind some films are so long : that they too have to span onto the second disk, if it is any help to any one, my set up is as follows.

WindowsXP Home Ed. - SP1 - useing Fat 32
Athlon 1900+
512 DDR
Philips 228 +R/RW
Pioneer 106 DVD Rom / Used as Reader.

They do have a Forum, where tester have been putting their comments’


Hope this is of some help…

I have the Sony DRU500A as well and after nero released its latest update i’m pretty much fine. I’ve backed up plenty of my dvd to dvd+/-r . DVD9 needs re-encoding if you want it all to fit on one dvd media. as far as dvdxcopy or dvdclone unless they make it so the program will re-encode the movie for me i wouldn’t buy it. well basically what i want is an all in one program…lol… i’m using like 5-7 programs if i want a dvd9 on a dvdr media. splitting the movies into two disc is simple using a program called Ifoedit and www.doom9.org web as ur guide.

with a xp1800+ it takes me about an hr and a half to re-encode the movie. lets see

ripping movie to HD takes 10-20mins depending on ur dvd drive.
ripping the audio and subs take about 10-15mins.
encoding takes about 90mins.
authoring takes about 30mins.
burn takes about 30mins.

basically somewhere between 3hrs to 3 hrs and a half.

thats how long it takes to put a movie from dvd9 to dvd5 (dvdr media).


Thanks to both of you,I,too,am looking for an 'all-in-one’program,something akin to ‘CloneCd’,but with the size of some discs,I guess using two discs for your copy,is just the price of doing business.
my order is going in today. thanks again

I don’t own a dvd-burner but have any of you tried a 1:1 dvd copy using Alcohol120% or DVD-Cloner?

Alcohol120% (trial): http://www.alcohol-software.com/
DVD-Cloner(trial): http://www.dvd-cloner.com/

Shoebedobedoo :cool: