DVD 1:1 copy program Inlc copy-rpotected?

Hi all,

is there a program that allows true copies from DVDs including copy protected ones, including using Double layer DVDs ?

I know of DVD shrink . DVD decrypter etc, but am searchin one that doesn’t compress but really produce 1:1 copies.

TIA :confused:

dvdfab does that

dvd decrypter does it.
You have to select iso read and then iso write.

Thanks to both of you for terribly fast answers !!
Will try both when I get my new burner.


Also for DL movies you need to use DL media or you will have to compress it to fit on a 4.7GB layer 1 DVD :frowning:

or get rid of the extras and therefore a chance of no compression (1 disc), or splitting to two discs, again no compression :slight_smile: