DVD 1:1 beginner's help needed

ok, brand spanking new computer. nice speedy 16x dvd burner, also a 16x dvd-rom. go to make a copy of one of my fav movies (south park BLU), says its encrypted, CSS, can’t do it, its untouchable. (I’m using CyberLink PowerProducer incase you were wondering), well anyways my question is, does anybody know of any quick fix CSSdecrypter for PowerProducer. or does anybody know of any basic dvd 1:1 copying freeware out there. i don’t need something fancy, nor am i looking for it. but i’d really like to start using this burner. i’ve been searching all over for some copying program. but all there is is that shareware, 30 day trial crap. basic html-looking freeware that gets the job done is the way to go. thanx

ps, first post, and might i say HOLY CRAP there’s a lot of info on this site. its very useful

Have you looked at the Copy Protection forum?

Try DVDFab Decrypter or Ripit4Me.


Good luck and enjoy.

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