Dvc to dvd-r burner


i’m looking to purchase a burner that will transfer from a miniDV [digital video Cassette] to DVD-R.

or as we have a VHS copy of the contents of the dvc, a VHS to DVD-R burner.

is one faster than the other?

the content is a 30-minute cablecast that we produced - has video & sound naturally.

this is very new to me but most exciting.

thanks for pointing me in the right direction

is there something wrong with the question? why no replies?


@ GottaRun,

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Any of the DVD Burners listed in “The top 5 Optical drives of 2008” (http://club.cdfreaks.com/f61/top-5-optical-drives-2008-cd-freaks-members-choice-249785) Forum thread will perform your MiniDV (digital video Cassette) to DVD-R and VHS to DVD-R transfer task.

Your problem is going to lie in the choosing the correct computer Transfer/Recording Software Program(s) and learning to correctly use that Software Program(s).


ok, thanks. i see that nero software seems to be one of the choices.