Dvb-s 2


anyone seen a DVB-S 2 receiver available yet?

From what I have read around, DVB-S 2 uses a different signal encoding method. The Current Satellite Digital TV encoding uses QPSK (Quadrature Phase-shift Keying), where as the new encoding method will use 16QAM (16 Quadrature Amplitude Modulation). This new encoding will mainly be targeted at 2-way satellite communication as it will potentially allow at least twice the data rate of existing systems for a given transonder, where as for TV transmission it will allow a capacity increase of about 30%.

I haven’t come across any such satellite receivers, but then again chances are that there are few (if any) broadcasts using the new DVB-S 2 system.

The following article I came across gives a few details of DVB-S 2:

Thanks, Seán, for the big info.

Yesterday 2 channels started via ASTRA 19.2 degrees east to transmit in DVB-S 2 (mpeg4, H.264). They are “ProSieben HD” and “Sat.1 HD” in german (the german versions, not those for Austria or Switzerland).
We can get a signal (approx. 51%) on that trp., but nothing more.

It’s just impossible to receive them at all with the currently available hardware.
Premiere has set back the start of Premiere HD to December, hoping for the availibility of the DVB-S2 capable receivers then…

Interesting is, that the BBC is currently testing HDTV in mpeg2 and mpeg4 too.

Echostar 61.5W

(HDTV channels)

Gallery HD (12224/V/ 21500-2/3)

Rush HD (12224/V/ 21500-2/3)

Majestic HD (12224/V/ 21500-2/3)

WCBS-DT (12239/H/ 21500-2/3)

Rave HD (12253/V/ 21500-2/3)

Guy TV HD (12253/V/ 21500-2/3)

HD News (12253/V/ 21500-2/3)

Ultra HD (12282/V/ 21500-2/3)

Monsters HD (12282/V/ 21500-2/3)

Equator HD (12311/V/ 21500-2/3)

Animania HD (12311/V/ 21500-2/3)

No chance of picking this up in Europe :frowning:

Yup, that’s the point. Beyond the reachable area…