DV Recording Not Working 5005



I have the LVW 5005 manufactured 2/05, with latest firmware update from Liteon. The unit has been used for 1 week and I have recorded from my VCR with no problems.

But when I record from my two Sony Digital camcorders (one is Digital 8 the other Mini DV) I get a bunch of artifacts and a real bad red tint. I have tried two different firewire cables both brand new.

When I record from the D8 thru the S Video it comes out great and records great. Its just when I go through the firewire link that I get these problems. Also I cannot control the camcorder through the on screen menu on the TV while in DV mode. The recorder sees the DV input. When I press record or even preview the video on the TV its has the artifacts and red tint problem. Viewing from the LCD screen on the camcorder the picture quality is great.

I called Liteon they said call back and ask for second level on Tuesday.

I think I have a bad firewire board on the recorder? Anybody else have this problem?


I have a similar problem with DV from a Sony Digital8 in that the audio breaks up when I used the firewire to record and monitor the recording on TV.

However, the recording turned out fine. I would suggest that you actually play back the resulting DVD video to see if it is okay.

I don’t see this problem if I used a JVC miniDV camcorder instead of my SonyD8.

In short, I think LiteON is particular about the type of DV input. The manual stated as much as shown in another thread.


Thrunner, I did play back what I recorded and it looked just like what was on the TV screen while recording. I even recorded without the TV screen using the record button on the front of the recorder. Went to play back it looked the same, bad.

My Sony TRV 22 Mini DV also had artifacts and red tint when recording and previewing.