DV codec problem



When capturing digital image from my DV camera (Sony TRV110E, 8mm tape) with Adobe premiere 6.5, the image quality is quite poor and there’s a flickering border around the screen. As I’ve set up Premiere as adviced by the user’s manual, I don’t think I’ve made any wrong setting.

I expect this to be a codec problem (I’m using the Microsoft DV codec, because that’s the only codec Premiere sees).

Does anybody perhaps know anything about this problem? A friend of mine owns a JVC DV camera, and uses the same software without any problem at all (image quality is far better). Is this perhaps a compatibility problem between the camera and the MS DV codec?

I know Sony has a DV codec of its own (should be a clone of the Canopus DV codec) but I can’t get it to work in Premiere (it’s installed, but Adobe doesn’t “see” it); do I need a plugin or so?

Well, thanx in advance :slight_smile:


You can select whatever VFW DV codec you want with Premiere, you just have to select AVI not DV and then select it.

However DV capture is as I understand it lossless, it shouldn’t matter what software you use to capture as all it is doing is sending the DV from the camera directly to the PC and therefor does not use any codecs… the only codec used is the hardware one on the camera. The only time that the codecs come into play is when you are exporting and I must say that Premiere does a pretty crappy job at this, exporting to file that is, not sure how exporting to tape works.


@celticdruid: do you perhaps know any good programs to capture the DV stream from the camera? Maybe that will solve this problem?

I use Premiere for exporting as well, but I make use of the CCE plugin. That one provides good quality video…