DV camcorders - record with DV tapes or DVD-RAM?




I would like to know if anyone has experienced recording straight to DVD-RAM using a compatible miniDV camcorder? I know DV tapes will be of a higher quality, as they have a greater capacity, but if you wish to transfer it to DVD-R, you will need to spend time to compress the avi file on the DV tape. The time you spent doing this would it not be better to record straight on to DVD-RAM media anyway?

I will search if there are any affordable camcorders which can do both, but I doubt it.

I’m not into quality too much, as long as both are better than VHS quality, which I think DVD-RAM will be.

Any help greatfully appreciated.


Sony DCR-DVD201 recording directly on DVD-R disks that work in standalone players.
I think this is better way to go because in DV- DVD conversion there is loss of quality
anyway, so direct recording to DVD can actually give you higher quality.


I’m not too fussed over quality, so long as it’s not so bad that I would not watch the material. Then once it’s on DVD-RAM discs I can then use a compatible DVD burner on my computer to edit (camcorders allow editing with them but are no doubt stronger on the PC), and then copy to DVD-R. So I’ll use DVD-RAM discs as an interim medium.


You should also check to see if you have sd card slot on your
camcorder. The quality will be a lot better and easier to copy to
a dvd using your p.c.
Enjoy ZAP.