Was thinking of investing in a DV converter box, but was wondering how I would use DVD2SVCD to convert the DV to DVD.
Any help appreciated :wink:

You need to convert your DV output to DVD video first with an app such as CCE or TMPGEnc. Then use a DVD authoring program like DVD Lab, TMPGEnc DVD Author, Maestro, etc… to author your MPEG2 video/audio to DVD

DVD2SVCD would only be used to convert the DVD to SVCD

Originally posted by Daemonicus
DVD2SVCD would only be used to convert the DVD to SVCD

Arr… I convert all my DVD9 and AVI’s to DVD Compliance with DVD2SVCD, suggest you have a read of some of the Tutorials posted here.

@Critical Bill, in the Misc Tab of DVD2SVCD, you need to select to select DVB(pva) and may need to tick “Convert MS DV to Canopus DV”

I was going to buy a Canopus converter box so I would assume it uses the Canopus DV codec already, does this mean I can import directly into DVD2SVCD? I had a look throught the tutorials but can’t seem to find anything specific, plus can’t search for DV as its too short :frowning:
I already use DVD2SCVD to convert all my avi to DVD using Cinema craft encoder (thanks to Chickenmans excellent guide) and Maestro to author, I was just hoping that maybe someone else had been down this road and could give me a few pointers.

From what I continually read elseware though, Canopus Procoder is the best software to convert DV stuff but is somewhat expensive. DVD2SVCD supports Procoder encoder also.