DV-5700A Firmware/Driver



I recently got my old Dell Dimension 4100 up and running again. I got my drivers from Dell’s official site. The problem is that my DVD drive is not detected by Windows. I searched the Dell’s driver page for my computer model, but they only have a different NEC drive. I’ve searched many websites and downloaded drivers that claim to be for this model, but none of them work. I run the extraction program that puts the files on a floppy. Next, I boot the computer from the floppy drive. It asks if I want to install the firmware. Every time I hit yes, it tells me that the drive is either not detected or has already been flashed.

I know for a fact that the drive is working. I was able to reinstall Windows with it. Also, this drive can only read CD’s/DVD’s. It can’t write anything.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



drivers for optical drives are part of the operating system.
Seems as if there is some mess with your OS :wink:
Try this: http://support.microsoft.com/gp/cd_dvd_drive_problems

Also, this drive can only read CD’s/DVD’s. It can’t write anything.
This is perfectly normal for a DVD-ROM :slight_smile:



Thanks for the suggestion, but my version of Windows won’t support that. Any more suggestions?


Then go the manual way. The link (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/982116) was mentioned in the FixIt document above. The XP method is also applicable to W2k btw.



I discovered something. I was going to reformat, so I through in the boot disk. I told it to boot with DVD-Rom capabilities. It told me that no drive was detected. Up until today, I was always able to boot from a disk. It seems kind of strange that my DVD-Rom would suddenly go bad. I don’t think this is what happened.

Yesterday, after I’d done a clean install of the system, I needed to pull out the drive just far enough so that I could see the model number so I’d know which driver to get. This is the only possible way I can imagine that anything happened to the drive. Even so, this seems unlikely. I only pulled it out about half way.

Do you have any ideas now?


Please check if all cables are connected properly.



I already did. Everything’s in tight. Is there a chance that I could have thrown something off balance on the inside? I know that that can happen with floppy drives…