{DV 3220} Datawrite Titanium 'Full Face' Printable (8x) DVD-R in Spindle Tubs of 50


I have an NEC 2500A with BIOS 1.08, when I write using CloneDVD or Nero on a new spindle of Datawrite Titanium ‘Full Face’ Printable (8x) DVD-R every one is a coaster. The writing all seems to go well and ends as expected but then nothing will read the written discs. No internal DVD reader or home Denon 1720 DVD will recognise them. I have noticed that they do seem to show some nasty long scratches on the disc. I’m not putting anything on the printable side, its left blank. I have tried again with my old media of choice, Infiniti, and everything works as it always has previously, fine 100%. I have tried writing the Datawrite with various speeds 2x 4x 8x but theres no difference.

Please, has anyone got any ideas? :sad:

Its sold by datawrite. I can buy spools of coasters pretty easily too. :slight_smile:

ive got 2 tubs of titanium coasters. pie, & pif error rates through the roof on both tubs, all the other tubs before those 2 have been ok tho. dont think i’ll buy any more tho.

So you guys are saying that Datawrite media is poor and you can expect to get 100% failure with 8-10 discs? if this is correct, how to they manage to sell any. I had looked at VideoHelp.com and they got good write ups!

not all datawrite media is poor, but the quality from spindle to spindle can vary wildly.

seem you’ve been unlucky and gotten one of the bad spindles.

I have some Datawrite Grey 16x -Rs (Prodisc F02), they burn pretty good on my 4163B, and scan very well on my Litey 1693S.

Of course, how long they last could be a different matter altogether…

Whats the position with SVP and returns? Will they refund on the open spindle and how does collection and charges work?

SVP will refund open spindles

Datawrite can be the best or the worst media. As can almost any other label including Verbatim.
Almost all my media comes from Datawrite or Datasafe and it is top quality, but I am very careful to pick and choose what I use, based on the media ID.

Are they the CMC Mag AE1 or the TTG02 ? some drives may be ok with one possibility, but not with the other.

A pity Datawrite broke their usual match of code to “colour and version” (as they lso did when they switched the Classic grey 8x -R from FUJIFILM03 to ProdiscF01.

Unless you’re talking genuine TY, which ALL drives tend to do well with, it’s a case of matching up media that works well with a drive, so media which has “either/or” codes is very bad news.

Which means nothing as labels such as Datawrite outsource to all sorts of manufacturers. And the e-net labels (ie Datawrite, Datasafe, Ridisc, Rivision, White label, Tuffdisc, ect.) are well known for changing manufacturers at the drop of a hat. It is well documented that their quality goes through cycles. A new line comes out and is heralded as great cost effective media. Wait a month or two and then watch the complaints come rolling in. In addition you have Red, Grey, Yellow, ect. lines all with differing standards. So it doesn’t surprise me in the least that videohelp shows them as having good reviews. There is no such thing as 100% bad media. There certainly is media (and manufacturers) with drastic variations in quality from batch to batch or user to user. Datawrite is one of those labels. I don’t know about you but I prefer not to gamble with my money when it comes to media.

Could you tell me a label that never has quality problems then?

No such thing. All manufacturers experience quality fluctuations, but Taiyo Yuden is probably the most consistent as all discs are manufactured in its home country of Japan. TY discs can be found under the Verbatim brand in Europe (must say “Made in Japan”), as unbranded discs sold online at shops like www.svp.co.uk and under the Plextor brand.

EXACTLY!!! Of course there is no such thing as 100% compatible/error free media. However the evidence of which brands/media manufacturers clearly stand out from the rest is blatantly clear. If you are going to tell me that Taiyo Yuden (real TY) experiences as much quality variation as e-net products then you sir are blind.

What I am going to tell you is that Taiyo Yuden is not a label
(as far as I can see) but a manufacturer. So it’s a little bit unfair
to be comparing the two. Having two working eyes I can see the
difference between a brand name and a product.
As e-net distributes about 90+% of media in the UK compared to the 1%
of Taiyo Yuden sold harping on and on about their “duff” media is just strange.

Since when is popularity any indicator of quality? :rolleyes:

Since Sarahjh69 aka PJClark recieves royalties for advertising E-net products on discworld forums. :wink:

I have had awful problems with Datawrite Titanium full-face printable 8x DVD-R too - they are horrible horrible discs! :a

I have had 3 different lots from different sellers, and all were abysmal for video playback (which is what I use my discs for), they freeze all the time. So badly that not one of them was usable. I recorded on them using two different laptops (one with a matshita uj-830s drive, one with an nec6500a drive) and a Sony RDR-GX3 standalone DVD recorder, with the same results every time. I tried playing them back in all of the above plus two different DVD players (Toshiba and Yamada).

The Titanium 8x non-printable DVD-R discs work fine. It’s very annoying. I have wasted a lot of money on these discs. :sad: Can anyone get these discs to work ok for video, or are they just really bad quality?

It’s not that they are bad quality per se, it’s just that they are terrible for consistancy (as is proven by your posts). The bottom line is that you never know what to expect from batch to batch with these discs. Seriously man, avoid the hassle and get yourself some Verbatim Pastels (Made by Taiyo Yuden) or the Panasonic Taiyo Yudens. Both available at SVP. Yeah, they are more expensive but then again so are coasters if you get enough of them. They are certainly alot less aggravation then what you are going through. Unless you like listening to E-net’s Johnny Cockren (aka sarahjh69).

I have used several spindles of these discs purchased from SVP. They burn fine in my LG and NEC as well as my stand alone LG DVD/HDD recorder.
The quality is fine. Where did you buy them from if, it was SVP and they’re faulty contact them and get them replaced or a refund.
Remember that under the sale of goods act they have to be of merchandisable quality and fit for the purpose intended. :iagree:

Do you have any error rate scans to back up these claims? As mentioned, the quality can change at any time under these labels so don’t be surprised if they turn nasty on you. :wink: