DUW1616L Pro-23 combo drive won't burn

Hi, I’m new to this forum and after searching the internet I’d like to pose the problem I’m having with a newly purchased Aopen DUW1616L Pro-23 mfg April '06. I can’t get it to burn. I’m running win98SE on the computer but it recognizes it as a generic drive ‘DVDRW 16x16’. It will play cd’s and DVD’s but I’ve tried to burn Verbatim media and it locks up my computer and then I have to do a hard boot or with the Imation blank discs it doesn’t even recognize them. I can’t find a driver for it and not sure whether a firmware or the crossflashing would solve anything. Nero says it has firmware PTS2 dated 1/18/06 but don’t know if this is a rebadged drive that I’ve been reading about or even know how to tell if it is.

I had a DUW1616L on another computer running XP and absolutely loved this burner. It wasn’t a Pro-23 so I’m not sure if my current problems are the drive itself, the win98SE O/S or the media.

Please help. Hope I haven’t been long winded. A little frustrated with this now. :confused:

Thanks for anyone’s insight.