Dutchwarez.com takes a dive

I just posted the article Dutchwarez.com takes a dive….

Submitted by: BaRTBaRiaN
Source: http://www.dutchwarez.com

As u perhaps already saw, dutchwarez.com, has gone underground.
They decided to do that, because they had some nasty mails from the…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/773-Dutchwarez_com-takes-a-dive___.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/773-Dutchwarez_com-takes-a-dive___.html)

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Damn, this sucks, another good warez site down… how many will follow???

If U are in tha Scene (or not ), you will know that most warezsites aren’t gone but just have changed name or adress or whatever to keep away of the clawless paws of the BSA

Many will follow …

But the most are rising again !

Hey, you BSA Suckers:

CU !


WebMaster/Burning Section Leader @ www.filez4u.w3.to

Hey guys
Seeing as you are all so “in the know” how’d you all fancy sending me an e-mail naming a few good warez sites. mp3 sites are appreciated also.

Yeah, send em’ to me also, thanx!

me too please. thanx.

Please send some to me also i’m new and don’t have any
(except for dutchwarez)

I can’t stay behind, I guess…
So send it to me also, plz!!

God will reward you…I think

On what channel are they then @ IRC?!

PLZ mail ik 2 me to keep it a secret to those who don’t have 2 know!

could I have it too please…

And please to me!

It’s funny to see that there are still enough AOL kiddies around to start up a ‘me too’-thread :slight_smile:

I also would like some url’s, please mail me

the first person who sends me a lot of url’s (10) for pc, psx and dc receives a free backup (Belgium or Holland only)

Please don’t send me anything…

If some 1 could send me the IRC no then id give them erm… nothin, but u’d live in the knowledge that ud made me happy. (lucky u… )

plz send me the channel to

Greetz, ReSnO

Please and me too