Dutch with Mobile Phones…



Well it looks like their are lots of dutch people with several mobile phones;

the research group has discovered that as of March, Dutch operators have 16.4 million subscribers which is equal to 100.4 per cent of the total population.

How many mobile (cell) phones do you have that have a working SIM in and get used regularly.


One with working sim, one collecting dust in a cupboard.

I’m not surprised. The majority of the people here have a subscription but just before it ends they demand a new phone or threaten to cancel their subscription and switch to another provider. Usually they get a new phone.

We also collect old mobiles for charity, try to throw them as far as we can (national championships!) or other fun stuff. I’ve seen people throw away their phone while driving (just as if they were in some cheesy movie) if it would fail to operate.


From a recent survey, an average South Korean mobile phone subscriber spends US$400 to buy a phone. SK Telecom subscribers spend most: over US$500. LG Telecome subscribers spend much less: a little over US$300. SK Teletec phones on average cost a little more than Samsung Anycall phones. Motorola and Hyundai/Pantec&Curitel phones are the cheapest. I haven’t bought a computer or a computer CPU in the last several months, but I spent about US$2,000 on mobile phones during that period. Just as there are people who use hundreds of types of computers, there are people who try almost every phone available to them (like some people I know who have used hundreds of phones), but by now phone processors are not that different from PC processors that even Intel’s biggest worry is that they failed in mobile processors.

It’s not the first country to achieve this feat, however. In some Asian markets, it’s quite common to have one phone for work and one for social contacts. µ

People who have five or six or more phones (of course all working at once) are common in South Korea though they are still a minority and they are mostly under 30.


I got mine nicked (or lost) when I was drunk, so I need to buy a new one, so at the moment “0 - I dont like having a brick in my pocket”.

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I guess I am pretty normal nowadays. I just have one decent phone (I had two but I gave the old one to my gf) and I am just fine with that. In the past (over 5 years ago) I always had 2 or 3 phones at the same time. Why that was? Well I had one because I had the number for quite some time and everybody had that number (customers $$$;)). I had another one because calling was so damn cheap with it (a nice special offer) and the third one I got for free! I ditched them all out though and got one decent phone with a good subscription. That just suits my needs :slight_smile:


Wow, I’m normal! :bigsmile: Woohoo!


I seriously can’t consider myself norml but I appear to be so in this case.


I have two SIM cards, and four mobile phones :D. One of those SIM cards is a prepaid card, with no credits left, and I haven’t used that one for a while now. Also, three out of four phones are collecting dust… (1 Motorola, 1 Siemens and 1 Nokia)
The phone I’m currently using (number 4) is a Siemens.


Have you ever seen Finns using a mobile?
Well… they use it while driving, shopping, strolling, packing, etc. (including sex, of course)… their ears are getting the shape of the mobile or vice versa… amazing.
And of course only Nokia. What else in Nokia-land.



I have two cell phones, one for work (Blackberry) and one personal.


Just ordered a Sanyo camera for 64048030fps MPEG-4 video feature for about US$300. Tired of taking video even less than 320240 using mobile phones (two mobile phones are capable of 640480*30fps but I’m not planning to buy any more new phone for some time.) :slight_smile:


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Nay thats your typical finn!


Your really into little britain now arnt you airy :stuck_out_tongue:
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