Dutch University targeted in piracy raids

I just posted the article Dutch University targeted in piracy raids.

Do you get the idea that Big Brother Is watching You?

"HILVERSUM, the Netherlands–The Dutch department of Justice raided the University of Twente as part of a software piracy…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2997-Dutch-University-targeted-in-piracy-raids.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2997-Dutch-University-targeted-in-piracy-raids.html)

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No disrespect to Warez sites, but I can’t find jack shit from those sites anyways! Every time I tried to download something from there it would take me to top 100 or some porn site. I think I’ll stick with Kazaa and AOL server rooms… :slight_smile:

yes, very wise… stick with what you know :d

Thats cause you dunno the good warez :4 if you know yuore way round those warez you’ll be able to find alooooooot things earlier more then on kazaa I surely hope it 'll be temporarely setback

Tazie is right…

At this time I am using eDonkey and Morpheus but soon I think they will be gone too… It is just a matter of time… :c But I think that we will always have IRC and there you can find just as much if not more!! (Takes a little more time but who cares) :d

The topic submitter uses the words “warez site(s)”. Not to attack you but the name “sites” in the Cnet article aren’t your every day warezsites. These are (if I am not mistaken) topsites. Places where the couriers post the release from the cracking groups like TFL, FLT, DVN. A “site” doesn’t always mean “website”, but it stand for a place of actions

Can’t believe people still use AOL or Kazaa for warez, that stuff is shit for the good warez , get your asses on Mirc , and find some good rooms there will never be a better way to get your stuff Peace Out :8

Eehmm? Stop sitting behind y0w computer and get the fock out and fuck someone (or in some cases, something):4