Dutch Twilight Forum?



Richie started this idea in the Dutch:serious Q&A but Ruff NG said he most post it here.

Because i think it's a great idea i place it here for him.

Why not make a Dutch Twilight forum ?
So many questions and answers about the most selling warez cd's in the netherlands.

We can help eachother better then and the other forums stay cleaner.


If you want to do that, yoú’ll have to do that too for Crazy Bytes, Maxxx etc.

That’s my opinion to this topic, because only a Twilight topic isn’t a good idea, because other warez series are much better than the Twilights of today …


I don’t think that there is a need for, since you can post these questions in other forums. If you check other sites related to Warez CD’s you will find almost empty messageboards. If you however can get a great amount of people supporting your idea here, we would be happy to add it !

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well, here is your first support


Dom …i really tink this is a good idea.

why don’t give it a try…(you )can close it any time if its not working…


By the way Domi,

why don’t use a ground rule:

If people start to pollute the forum with crap close it down.

I would say give it a try…


As I already said in the dutch forum: Go for it! (it also will be more need for, when that asshols from twilight will release their cd’s on dvd!)


Here is vote #5.


Why not!
Give it a try!


I think you’d have to create a warez-cd forum, with a place for other cd’s then twilight… Got my support though


Im sorry to dissapoint you all, but our boss has decided to, not create another forum.

Ofcource this is not what we hoped for, but we must obay their motevation. If any of us has questions about a warez cd they should post it in de generel cd chat, thats where its used for.

again we are sorry to announce this message.


<BLOCKQUOTE><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial”>quote:</font><HR>
If people start to pollute the forum with crap close it down.
Their already is a lot of pollution on this UBB. Lot’s the same an stupid questions are asked. When you create another forum it will get even worse. For twilight refer to the twilight site.


<BLOCKQUOTE><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial”>quote:</font><HR>Their already is a lot of pollution on this UBB. .[/B]<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

You think so? i thought we did a good job to lead things in a proper way?


Seperate forum for Twillight sux asss

Make it at least some kind of Sliver Original CD forum

But I dont understand why everyone wants a forum for every topic.

I mean, Hey why not have MIRC forum of the channel #blaat on effnet.

Or why not have a cybersex forum, how to make luv on ICQ.

Stop bitching and respect DoMi’s authority!!!


Btw, can we have a southpark-cd-burning-Cartman r0x forum??

Else I cant sleep at night


We’ll i think that all the Administrators are in for a new forum,and a lot of other people (see Dutch serious Questions and answers)but i think we don’t even can talk about this.
The only thing i read was just NO.