[Dutch Only] TL 47 for my CDs

Someone plzz trade TL 47 with two games or one DivX movie. I got:

Unreal Tournament (SafeDisc), 2CD
Half-Life (Oversized)
Planescape Torment (4CD, only if you add TL46 as well)
Dungeon Keeper 2
Urban Chaos
The Sims
Kingpin Life of Crime (Oversized)
Soldier of Fortune (Oversized)
Final Fantasy 8 (expected, 5CD, only if you add TL46 as well)

Or one of my movies:

Blue Streak DivX
South Park Bigger Longer & Uncut DivX
Pokémon 1st movie divx
Wild Things DivX (expected)
The Mummy (expected)
Hackers (expected)
American Pie (expected)

When you want more movies or games, I’m also interested in other Twilights, since I only got TL 31 and 33

Plzz don’t reply but mail me: vinny@vinny.gq.nu

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