Dutch manual about lossless ripping with EAC



Hi Guys & Dolls

As I am dutch I always wondered why there were so many topics and websites about EAC and ripping lossless in combination with monkeysaudio or FLAC…and never in dutch. :confused:
That’s why we (users from another forum) and me myself :o decided to discuss all topics about EAC and her settings, resulting in a overwhelming number of figures and lines about what was the best and only way to rip lossless ( that is NOT using lame or other lossy encoders). Lossless is THE only way to get a 100% perfect copy of your audio CD, using a well configured EAC that is…
Finally we got it all figured out, and then came the time to put it all in a manual. As I had some time to kill, I decided to pick up this task and made this dutch manual. After some time people keep on asking for this manual and I decided to make a website for it (although I never did create one and never had any experience at all in using any webdesigner applications).
As I know that on this particular CDFreaks forum many dutch users are present, I want to make my contribution to present you all with the url to this dutch manual on EAC lossless ripping:

Please click here to enter the website… :iagree:

Any comment is welcome…:wink: