Dutch Legal Yeahronimo 'Napster' launch in 6 months



I just posted the article Dutch Legal Yeahronimo ‘Napster’ launch in 6 months….

In 6 months the Dutch music network Yeahronimo will be launched. They say they will become #1 in europe.

It will be launched by ‘Wisseloord Studio’s’ in Hilversum (Netherlands! ), and has…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2358-Dutch-Legal-Yeahronimo-Napster-launch-in-6-months__.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2358-Dutch-Legal-Yeahronimo-Napster-launch-in-6-months__.html)

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How on earth have they calculated that they’ll become #1 in Europe? Who in their right mind will pay for a service like this if they can get the songs from free P2P software?


lol u can only laugh at people this dumb :slight_smile:


They haven’t learned anything from the Napster fall. Why pay when you can get it freely from the net?


:r What are they thinking… If you buy the album online the cost are: 1 euro per song + the internet costs + finding the covers + printing the covers… And on top of it all it’s no ‘original’ cd !!! :frowning:


Just checked my calender and it’s not April 1st yet… WTF are they thinking? 1 Euro a song? That’s the same price as when you buy the full album and you only get WMA quality :r Also, they say they WANT to become one of the biggest in Europe, not that they WILL become #1, get your facts straight, MP|3.


Because I can’t find any sense in this business idea (outside RIAA), let’s list all the negatives in it: - you can’t play music you paid ANYWHERE outside your PC. - all the material costs to record companies are nil. So where’s the price advantage to customer compared to normal CD? - Quality of customers music will be sub-standard = WMA. Have you ever compared WMA to MP3-VBR produced by Lame? - Your disc have NO SECOND-HAND VALUE! BECAUSE YOU DON’T HAVE THE DISC. No-one will buy something you can’t sell! Customer just pays the same price as before, but the product contains no resell-value in itself (as a media). In English, you just bought yourself a right to “enjoy” latest song from well-known ms. aguilera. 1 Euro / month / song. Don’t believe me? Next offer will be worse, and by RIAA-members…


Problem with the name is that someone in the UK already owns it. The company is already in debt for 150,000 sterling pounds. :r